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Training, Equipping and Sending.

The course is conducted by Mariannelunds folkhögskola, whom is also the principal of MOE Sweden. The course takes place in collaboration with the Swedish Pioneer Mission.


one chance for every person.
There are over 7.6 billion people living today.
Over 42%, 3.16 billion are without access to the gospel.

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Swedish Mission Team.
The Mission One Eleven training program will equip you to take the gospel to the people groups and tribes who have not yet had the chance to hear about Jesus. Mariannelunds Folkhögskola organizes the training course in collaboration with Svensk Pionjärmission.

We work within the 10/40 window but we also want to equip you to be able to share the gospel of Jesus Christ where ever you are. Our training centers are located in Sweden, USA, Canada and Sri Lanka. 

Sweden Missions Campus and Training.

Västanås Center

Our Training Center
In Sweden, the training takes place at the scenic Västanås Center, which is located 38 km southwest of Örebro, at the southern edge of the Blue Mountains (Kilsbergen). You will stay on campus and be trained for your mission assignment. Västanås Center is also the home base of Svensk Pionjärmission (Swedish Pioneer Missions).


We believe all people have the right to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ during their lifetime, unfortunately this is not the case today. The imbalance is great! Many people hear about Jesus week after week, while others never have heard the gospel once. We think this is extremely unfair and we want to change this. We want to be a voice for the unreached people but also a voice to them.


Mission One Eleven is a semester that includes basic training with the focus on pioneer missions. The course also includes 4-6 weeks of mission’s outreach abroad. This semester is aimed at you who want to try out your calling and develop in communicating the gospel. During the first part of the education in Sweden, you are trained in presenting the gospel in a simple way, to people from other cultures and who have no Christian context. During the mission’s outreach abroad, you and your team will live and work together with nationals, where you will practice what you have learned.

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    This is our assignment: to give One Chance For Every Person to know Jesus, no matter who they are, where they live, or how difficult it is to reach.

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    Mariannelunds folkhögskola organizes the training course in collaboration with Svensk Pionjärmission