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Participants are trained in storytelling techniques, to be able to memorize and share the Bible story in chronological order.

The assignment:

This course will give you a clear understanding of the assignment Jesus gave to us as His disciples. What is our mission? What are the best ways to accomplish a good result for the Kingdom of God, reaching precious people with the Good News.

Counting the cost:

It costs a lot to follow Jesus, but when we lay down our lives and follow Him, we find both the meaning and the higher purpose of living.

Bible Studies:

During this segment, we will study a number of subjects both in groups and individually. The main subjects are focusing on discipleship, Bible and prayer with a focus on missions. Subjects like: The Character of God, The Great Commission, The Authority of the Bible, The Book of Acts, The Blood Covenant, Evangelism, The Authority of the Believer etc.

Team building and training:

You will study, work and live on campus together. The exercises involve living in simple conditions and solving everyday problems. The course also includes physical training with two sessions a week. You will take part in a survival hike where your skills and abilities will be tested. You will also be assigned a personal mentor who you can talk to regularly during the semester.

Communication and cultural understanding:

Theoretical lessons are mixed with practical exercises. You will also study differences in expressions between different cultures and religions. You will receive better cross-culture communication skills and a deeper cross-culture understanding.

First aid and "tropical medicine":

Safety and health are important. Therefore, we have a course in first aid as we also learn to avoid unnecessary risks when staying abroad.


Course start: August 26th – 2024

Ending: December 13th – 2024

The training will be conducted in English

Campus language: English

Study pace: Full time

Location: Västanås Center, 716 94 Mullhyttan, Sweden – Where you will be staying (full board) and go through training for your missions assignment.

The mission’s outreach will take place in one of our fields abroad.


The application must contain a personal letter in which you share about yourself, your strengths / weaknesses and different experiences and also your motivation why you want to go through Mission One Eleven.

You who are applying must be at least 18 years of age when Mission One Eleven begins and you must have good knowledge of the English language. Once we have received your application, we will contact you for a telephone interview or a personal meeting. 

Only then will you be notified if you have been accepted or not. At the admission, we will place great emphasis on the ability to work together and personal qualities that suit the team and the upcoming tasks during the mission’s outreach abroad.

You only get a guaranteed place when the confirmation fee of 300Euro has been paid. The confirmation fee is deducted from the total fee. Apply here.

Please contact:

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Fredric Carlmatz


Cost of the training incl. food and accommodation is 3 700 Euro. This includes food and accommodation during the time in Sweden and also during the mission’s outreach, including expenses for flight tickets and flight tax. Other expenses that are added on top of the fee are for various equipment that you need during the mission’s outreach, vaccinations, travel insurance, and any excursions during leisure time and pocket money.

Study funds from CSN.

Mariannelund’s folk high school organizes the training in collaboration with the Swedish Pioneer Mission, the training gives you the right to apply for study support from CSN.



After completing Mission One Eleven, there will be an opportunity for you to take YOUR NEXT STEP. Our accelerated training program teaches, mobilizes and equips people to go and reach unreached people groups. During this semester, we will focus on developing your personal leadership through teaching, personal mentoring, exercises and internships. The goal is see your character to grow and for you to develop as a person and as a leader. You will be prepared for further missions work through courses in missions, cross-cultural understanding and communication etc. You and your team will then be sent on a longer mission outreach abroad. You will receive additional tools and training to take the next step in your mission call; to reach the least reached within the window 10/40.

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Mariannelunds folkhögskola organizes the training course in collaboration with Svensk Pionjärmission