Mission One Eleven?

An unforgettable experience...

Mission One Eleven will transform your life but also other people’s lives. You will help to correct the injustice that exists in the world today. Where far too little of the mission resources goes to the least reached.

Every day, people are forever lost within the 10/40 window. There they are born, live and die, without having the chance to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is not fair! Here you can help and make a difference and change this injustice. As the icing on the cake, you will also be part of God’s great adventure, where you will find your purpose and your calling. There are also more reasons… but we will settle with these one´s for now

You are warmly welcome to Mission One Eleven at Västanås Center! We look forward to meeting you, getting to know you, and helping equip you to see you grow into the calling and assignment that God has for you. We are convinced that you will enjoy yourself together with us and the rest of the team at Västanås Center.

A warm welcome to us,

/Mikael and Theresa Boman

Leaders of Mission One Eleven, Sweden and founders of the Swedish Pioneer Mission. Pastors Salem Church, Mullhyttan 

Mission One Eleven Swedewn Leaders

All of this is a step of faith...

We as a church have been the host for Mission One Eleven for 4 years.

We have loved this because we want our church to have the focus of pioneer mission in the center of our fellowship. In our church’s DNA. Not hidden in a basement with a few people. We are so proud that over 20 students have received training with us, including an adventurous missions’ trip.

Now that Mission One Eleven is moving to Västanås Center, we believe this will be a step up. All of this is a step of faith and we are marveled at the miracles God is performing. We believe that Mission One Eleven will have participants from many nations, which in itself will be a form of mobilization. We as a church want to be involved. As a church, we also want to take on the challenge of sending missionaries.

“Our prayer is not only for students to come to Mission One Eleven, but for God to send workers to his harvest.”

Patrik & Kicki

Pastors Hope Church


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Mariannelunds folkhögskola organizes the training course in collaboration with Svensk Pionjärmission